Every company that aims to have an efficient maintenance organization must, at some point, adopt software.

What is Engeman®?

Engeman® is a maintenance process management software understood as a tool that automates the industry routine. Based on Maintenance Engineering (ENGenharia de MANutena) concepts, it records industry information and provides an environment in which it can be managed. With this, it is possible to standardize the way processes are executed, avoiding a work that is based exclusively on the manager’s feeling.

Keep in mind that every company that aims to have an efficient maintenance organization must, at some point, adopt software. The volume of information on their processes, even in small businesses, is too large to be kept only on printed papers or simple spreadsheets.

Documenting plans, scheduling preventive actions, identifying missing parts and several other processes require care. Therefore, it is important to evaluate whether your maintenance department is working in a planned manner or whether reality is based on corrective actions on stopped machines.

With Engeman you can:

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Adaptation Flexibility

An important point is that a maintenance system should not represent a work-plastered method. It must be flexible and adapt to the characteristics of each organization, meeting its specific demands. Small businesses, for example, can use only part of the features.

One of the differentials of good software is that they adapt. According to your company’s demand, we have established an efficient and simple management environment. Thus, maintenance starts to work ahead of problems, preventing them rather than just fixing them.

What information does the software provide?

Reports and Schedules

Reports allow the manager — and other professionals with authorized access to this information — to understand in detail the status of activities. Schedules are visual tools that facilitate the planning of the services to be performed in a given period. Both can be viewed directly on the system or exported for printing and sending by email, for example.

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In this way, we provide:

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Dashboards are visual interfaces used to show indicators, metrics and  other  measurable information.

In them, we display:

Charts and Performance Indicators (KPIs)

One of our goals is to provide the manager with different views on the day-to-day maintenance department. This allows your decisions to be based on real and reliable data, generating continuous improvement.

Charts are automatically created by the maintenance system based on data already registered and updated by the team.

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This way, we provide:

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As you can see, we offer a robust set of functions that establish a safer foundation for maintenance management and that make all the difference when choosing the maintenance planning. Now, you can define the essential features for your company and purchase a system that delivers what you are looking for!