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We transform the world of maintenance with intelligent and flexible solutions.


Engeman was born in 1996, after the experience of several years of its founding partners in the maintenance area.

Through the knowledge about Maintenance Engineering (in Portuguese ENGEnharia da MANutenção) we help our customers to perform an efficient maintenance management, ensuring competitiveness, greater productivity and cost reduction. 

We deliver all this through Engeman® software, which is the most flexible tool on the market and with high expertise in maintenance.

Enge + Man

Maintenance Engineering

(Engenharia da Manutenção)

Our solution

Through Engeman® software, we help companies of the most varied segments and sizes to understand and apply the benefits of computerization of maintenance in their day to day, in order to achieve real and effective results for their business. Our software is intended to help our customers in the planning, control and maintenance management, and through maintenance engineering methodology.

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Our competitive 

software altamente flexivel - About usHighly flexible software that adapts to the needs of our customers

software completo - About usAll-in-one software for maintenance management

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comprometimento com o cliente - About usCommitment to the customer

parceria engeman - About usPartnership relationship, differentiated service

Some customers who are part of the Engeman story

After more than 25 years in the market, we have already helped about 2,000 clients in Brazil and abroad to generate more competitiveness in their businesses.

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Our Engelovers

Here at Engeman we have a team of highly qualified professionals who move their gears to move towards the success of our company. Our Engelovers are the best to offer the best!

Our team is made up of people who are passionate about what they do! Here, every piece of our team is fundamental and everyone plays a very valuable role in making us the best software in the galaxy. 

We provide an environment of trust, creativity, respect and innovation so that our Engelovers feel incredible, as they are!

Engelovers go to infinity and beyond!

About Engeman


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