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The Most Flexible Solution on the Market!

Reduce the costs of your maintenance with Engeman® – a complete solution for asset management, operations and maintenance with more than 25 years on the market.

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More than 2,000 clients and more than 25 years of market providing their clients and partners with efficient maintenance management.

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Most flexible maintenance management tool on the market, easy to adapt and customizable to the specific needs of the company.

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It allows business-centric management, providing efficient and gradual process optimization and reduction of maintenance costs.

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Mobile and web modules that facilitate and optimize maintenance operations in all operations from management to execution of activities.

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Engeman® provides best market practices, treating maintenance as a strategic function in its clients, enabling the implementation of efficient maintenance engineering.

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Enables various world-class indicators such as: MTBF, MTTR, Reliability, Failure Rate, Availability, Backlog, Downtime and others.

Engeman® Cloud!

With Cloud-based Engeman®, there is no need to set up a complex server; you simply acquire our software and we provide you the entire infrastructure.

Engeman helps you solve the main problems of maintenance and assets management such as:

Main Features

  • Customer and Supplier Management
  • Contract Management + SLA
  • Trip Planner and Collections / Supply + Collection Routes
  • Complete Asset Management
  • PMOC - Law No. 13.589/2018 and Resolution No. 9/2003
  • Cumulative Measuring Points, Variable Trends
  • Cumulative Collections, Variable Trends and Events
  • Work Schedule + Asset Operation
  • Maintenance Plan Management (Periodic, Specific Date, Cumulative, Trend, By Event, Cyclical/By Service and others)
  • Gantt Calendar
  • Dashboards + KPIs
  • Synoptic Asset Monitoring
  • Geolocation
  • Editor of Rules, Reports, and Auxiliary Fields
  • Resource Leveling - Budgets and Costs / Human Resources / Material Resources
  • Visual Movement of Assets and Components

If you are interested in learning more about the features of Engeman® modules, please contact us. Our team will be at your disposal for a practical presentation of how Engeman works, based on your needs and branch of activity!