listras laranja - Engeman® Cloud

Engeman® Cloud

More security, reliable and affordable maintenance, whenever you are! 

listras laranja - Engeman® Cloud

Engeman® Cloud

More security, reliable and affordable maintenance, whenever you are!

Engeman® Cloud Service

It’s time to take maintenance management to the next level, with a solution that’s security, reliable, and more affordable than ever! Now, you can access the power of Engeman® from anywhere! With Engeman® Cloud, there is no need to set up a complex server; you simply acquire our software and we provide you the infrastructure.
With Engeman® Cloud, you not only simplify your operation, but also free up valuable time to focus on strategies that drive your company’s growth.

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Cloud advantages

SECURITY: Protect your data with the highest safe standards on the market.

RELIABILITY: Count on a robust and reliable system, always available when you need it.

AFFORDABLE: Access your maintenance information from anywhere, anytime, with just a few clicks

REAL COST-EFFECTIVE: Significantly reduce infrastructure costs while increasing operational efficiency.

The Future is Now: Cloud Computing

Companies are migrating to the cloud searching for more agile, cost-effective and flexible management. With Engeman® Cloud, this reality becomes more tangible for the maintenance department. Goodbye to problems of updating, servers and infrastructures: we take care of everything for you!

When you choose Engeman® Cloud, you are choosing for a cloud maintenance solution that not only achieves your needs today, but also prepares you company for the future, with a solid foundation of reliability, security, and innovation powered by leading Microsoft Azure technology

Why is Microsoft Azure technology important? 

motivacao - Engeman® CloudCREDIBILITY AND RELIABILITY: Microsoft Azureis one of the world’s leading cloud computing platforms, recognized for its unparalleled reliability and security. When you choose Engeman® Cloud, you are choosing a solution backed by one of the most respected brands in the technology industry.

inovacao - Engeman® CloudUNLIMITED SCALABILITY: With Microsoft Azure global infrastructure, Engeman® Cloud offers unlimited scalability. No matter your company size or data volume – we are ready to achieve your needs, today and in the future.

companhia - Engeman® CloudCONTINUOUS INNOVATION: Partnering with Microsoft ensures access to the latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies. This means that you will always be ahead of the competition by taking advantage of the latest trends in cloud computing and maintenance.

escudo de seguranca - Engeman® CloudWORLD-CLASS SECURITY: The security of your data is our top priority. With Microsoft Azure’s robust infrastructure and advanced security protocols, you can have peace of mind knowing that your information is protected from cyber threats and data breaches.

¡Experimenta una nueva dimensión de eficiencia y practicidad con Engeman® Cloud!

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Experience a new dimension of efficiency and practicality with Engeman® Cloud!

What our customers say…

Cia Saneamento Jundiaí (CSJ)

“Today we are not tied to a server, so through the Cloud module, it is possible to access and open a service order from anywhere. We, who are part of the management, are able to carry out actions both here at the station and, suddenly, in a home office, or remotely. We were able to manage the software without having to access the VPN, for example. I've worked with both systems, with Engeman® Desktop and now in the Cloud. The ease of working with it in the cloud is much greater, because the update does not depend on us. We had several difficulties sometimes in the implementation of an update and today it is done through support, so the management of Engeman® in the Cloud is much easier.”

Rafael Alexsander Cardoso

“We gained in agility with the maintenance management controls, the system is very complete and allows us to have a greater detail in relation to maintenance, I certainly recommend Engeman®”

Natália Nielle Silva

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Free yourself from the shackles of the past and take part in a future of endless possibilities with Engeman® Cloud!

Free yourself from the shackles of the past and take part in a future of endless possibilities with Engeman® Cloud!

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