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The SSW – Web Service Request module helps you standardize and document all service requests made in the maintenance for your internal and external customers. 

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Meet the Engeman® SSW Module

The purpose of SSW – Web Service Request is to enable applicants to generate maintenance requests and follow this request’s evolution when running the service order more quickly.

This module can be used by any user and allow documenting service requests without consuming resources of simultaneous users from Engeman®’s Basic Module.

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Advantages of Engeman® SSW Module

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Control service requests via local network – Client/Server

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Service control by prioritization

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Approval control for performed services

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Consult the Service Orders generated for each service request.

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Responsive layout enabling its use on mobile devices

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Access on notebook or PC, smartphones, or tablets.

WSR Module Resources

Multiple languages - Portuguese, English and Spanish

Service Requests

See Service Orders

Opinion of those who use Engeman® SSW

“Engeman® came out ahead in the market evaluation because of the platform it works with. It is possible to mold it according to the company’s operating philosophy. We acquired the SSW to access our plants that are in other states, making the integration with the center easier.”
Eletrisa Plant Operator

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If you are interested in the Engeman® Mobile Module, schedule a demonstration with one of our consultants and get to know in practice everything this module can provide for your company.

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Tenga en mente que toda empresa que pretende tener una organización de mantenimiento eficiente debe, en algún momento, adoptar un software.

El volumen de información en sus procesos es demasiado grande para guardarse solo en papeles impresos o simples planillas.

¿Su departamento de mantenimiento trabaja de forma planificada o la realidad se basa en acciones correctivas sobre máquinas paradas?

Complete el formulario al lado y vea en la práctica cómo podemos transformar su rutina de mantenimiento.

Nuestro equipo de expertos en mantenimiento está disponible para comprender todo sobre su negocio y mostrarle todo el potencial que Engeman® tiene para su empresa.

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Have in mind that every company that aims to have an efficient maintenance organization must, at some point, adopt software.

You processes information volume is too big to be kept only on printed papers or single spreadsheets.

Is your maintenance department working in planed way or is the reality is based in corrective actions on malfunctioned and stopped machines?

Fill out the form aside and see in practice how we can transform your maintenance routine!

Our team of maintenance specialists is at your disposal to understand everything about your business and show you all the potential that Engeman® has for your company.