Engesynchron Module Details

Synchronization of data client/server fast and safe

Aware of the mobility needs of clients, Engecompany developed Engesynchron®, an innovator software that allows working offline Engeman® databases. This module allows working with Engeman® without the obligation of a direct connection between server and remote bases.

Engesynchron® was developed so that the users have the possibility to work externally, facing no problems like:

  • Lack of connection (internet), impeding the access to a software that is updated only via web;
  • Low connection, that can cause troubles elaborating a report, for example;
  • Instability of web server, which can be unavailable, affecting, consequently, the access to database.

The synchronization process consists on sending changed data, in a way that both bases (Official Base/ Server -Local Base/Client) are simultaneously updates.

The main operational routines of users who work offline and need quick and safe access to Engeman® database installed at the company are:

  • Work orders since generation (opening) till Closing/Cancellation of it;
  • Collections (Example: trends, accumulative, eventuals).

More resources:

  • Automatic Scheduling: This resource allows scheduling periods in which the remote bases will be in contact with the server to activate the synchronization process.
  • Solicitation of Server Synchrony: Even if the remote bases aren’t connected to the server (Official Base), but connected to Internet, they can receive a synchronization request from the server, so the information will always be updated when necessary.
  • Layout and Interface: Engesynchron® also received improvements in its interface and graphical layout, becoming more friendly and with more intuitive use.

See operational base of Synchron Module - Engeman® maintenance system, through animated info graphic: