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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing refers to running applications remotely over the Internet (“cloud”). Contrary to the traditional model, in which applications are executed by a physical server in the company, with the cloud computing service, companies no longer need to invest in hardware and operating systems to run any type of application, since the provider itself will take care of all the necessary infrastructure.

In this way, the IT manager gains more time to develop strategic roles, since he no longer needs to commit his effort in maintaining the local infrastructure.

Why use Cloud Computing?

Engeman®’s local installation can be expensive to manage, for a few reasons. You will need:

And if the hardware fails, you might have to wait days for it to get back online. Many companies do not have enough bandwidth or experience to manage complex processes like this.

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Advantages of Cloud Computing:

With Cloud-based Engeman®, there is no need to set up a complex server; you simply acquire our software and we provide you the infrastructure.

In this format, upgrades are a transparent process and happen automatically at defined intervals. Each client simply has Engeman® customized for their needs, following all the expertise we have with CMMS design and deployment.

In addition:

Cloud-based Engeman® is more secure, reliable, and affordable. Engeman® is stored on a virtual server, which means that if one hardware fails, another one goes into action without loss of service.

With a 99.95% availability SLA, there is no need to spend resources on maintaining hardware, software, or restoring backup to your CMMS.

Investing in a cloud platform for  maintenance is ensuring that your area will be able to act quickly and safely in times of stress and give visibility to the strategic importance of the team for the company’s day-to-day operations.

If you are interested in learning more about how to place your Engeman® in the cloud, please contact us. Our team will demonstrate in practice how it works and you will be able to view your solution access via the cloud.