Consultation Module Details

Module exclusive to consult reports without limiting the quantity of users

This module is used by any users (Client or Company), without interfering in the use licenses of Engeman® maintenance software. These users are restrict to access only the menu Processes => Report Editor, with the possibility to extract any information at this format.

Simultaneos Access
Simultaneos Access


  • The users (internal or external client) will have access to more than 170 reports to consult at any moment, besides the ones that are developed and customized.
  • There’s no limit of simultaneous accesses (unlimited users).
  • The Consult Module does not occupies license inside Engeman®, it means that it does not interfere in the number of simultaneous users acquired.
  • Possibility to print and export the reports for several formats (PDF, GIF, JPG, EXCEL, WORD, among others).
  • At full version it is possible to send any report by email (email body, attached or zipped, with the possibility to choose the format).
  • Access via intranet (Engeman® Client Server) or WEB browser (Engeman® WEB).