Bound WO and Pendent WO

What to do with pendent services in closed WO?

Engeman® allows linking WO in the screen of Service and generating WO for pendent or not executed services Thiago Mendes - Implantation Consultant Engeman

At the visits to clients who already used Engeman is common to identify that the users don’t know that the option link Work Order exists. This resource is available to any version and it can be configured at any moment

Many companies, the planner generated a work order with some procedures to be performed and some service is linked to these procedures that must be executed by another sector or in another date. However, when the work order returns, it is closed without the proper treatment.

This resource offers the planner, with the need to open a complementary work order, the possibility to link the WO to the main Work Order and define if it can be or not closed before the linked order is ended. It’s also available for our clients the report 0257 - LINKED WORK ORDER REPORT that exhibits the work orders with the ones linked to it.

We still count with the option to Work Order opening when a constant procedure in the Work Order isn’t performed or is partially performed.

About the author
Thiago Mendes worked during eight years directly in industry of road equipment, working in all the operational and strategic areas of the organization. Graduated in Business Management at Uni Bh. Since 2010 May he works with Engeman® software consultancy -