Advanced Reports

Engeman® New Advances Reports

Modern technology allows interactivity in data analysis

Engecompany offers to Engeman® customers Full version the most modern chart and reports edition technology. It is Engeman® new Advanced Report Module.

With this module, the Engeman® customer will use a powerful charts and report editor, with the possibility to create dynamic reports, that enables functionalities inherent of an OLAP cube, technology of dynamic and multidimensional analysis of consolidated data.

Advanced Reports Designer
Advanced Reports Designer

This new technology allows the activities to be as analytical as navigational. This modulo enables business analysts, managers, executives and users in general to analyze and visualize corporative data quickly, consistently and most important interactively, as in the image below: (click in the image to amplify)

The main benefits of new reports are:

  • Diversity of report types: listing, dynamic, performance indicator…
  • More agility to develop, as in the image below: (click to amplify)
  • Modern report layout
  • Bigger number of components, as in the image below: (click to amplify)
  • Better visualization.

Check some other possibilities that Engeman® New Advanced Report Module allows:

  • Creation of structural default reports for simple printing or data listing, as in the image below: (click to amplify)
  • Perfect data exportation to electronic spreadsheets, pdf’s, image formats and other types of application, as in the image below: (click to amplify)
  • Adaptation for matrix printing;
  • Option of creating several default filters for user’s choice;
  • Instantaneous pre visualization during the development of structural reports;

This new report module doesn’t delete the current reports, they are maintened. There will be an extra option for Full version clients

See the presentation more detailed below.
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