How can the system help me?

How can Engeman® help me?

Through Maintenance Engineering, which it’s possible obtain important results:

  • Optimization of maintenance costs, with immediate investment return;
  • Engeman® displays the costs by cost center, departments, machines, etc;
  • Maintenance downtime schedule by specific date, period, etc ;
  • With Engeman® you can get any report, chart, or KPI;
  • Engeman® predicts lifetime and performance of parts and components;
  • Engeman® provides history to predict and “level resources”;
  • Planning related to personnel qualification documents, check-list, etc .;
  • Reliability and availability with equipments regulated e calibrated
  • Productivity with less scrap and better quality;
  • Engeman® provides complete history of equipment and machine locations;
  • Engeman® enables integration with inventory, purchasing, production and Human Resources;
  • W.O. generation which print and notify automatically to facilitate the services schedule accomplishment.
  • All this and more, in a totally flexible solution.