Does my company need Engeman®?

How to know if my company really needs Engeman®?

If you face any of the problems below, the answer is yes!

  • Lack of maintenance history
  • Stopping equipment with interference in production
  • Non-compliance with the service schedule
  • Lack of managerial information
  • Equipment breakdowns generating hours worked in emergency
  • Difficulties in identifying components, or materials with inferior performance
  • Difficulties to establish parameters for the services execution
  • Non-conformity with Quality Standards
  • Lack of security for employees and customers
  • Excessive scrap, or excessive consumption of raw material
  • Need to improve competitiveness without knowing how to
  • Difficulties in tracking equipment and machines
  • Lack of integration of Maintenance with other departments
  • Low equipment reliability
  • Excess of correctives
  • Low availability
  • High operational cost