Demonstrative Installation Tutorial

The installation of demonstrative base of Engeman® is easy and very intuitive.

In some situations during the installation process may appear windows with guidance messages for the user, which consequently contribute to the proper functioning of the demonstrative.

Below are the possible messages that can occur, its causes and solutions:

1. Database Version (SGBD)

Error in database version

  • The Problem: When this message appears, it means that the computer which the demonstrative was installed has a incompatible version of Firebird.
  • How to Fix: Uninstall the demonstrative and firebird , restart the computer and install only demonstrative again. Be sure there’s no other program which need the firebird to run, otherwise you can install the demonstrative in other computer without firebird installed.

Error lack of UDF files

  • The Problem: This error happen when two database files necessary to connect Engeman® are not copied to the right location, you may are not allowed to access the directory folder, normally it’s occcurs when the computer has user’s access limitation.
  • How to fix: Contact by email our team and request the UDF files. Copy the files and paste in one of the directories informed below. The directorie can variate according to the operational system.
    • C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_2_1\UDF;
    • C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_2_1\UDF;

3. Database not found

Error database

  • The Problem: The file with demonstrative information (Engeman.fdb) is not at the right location.
  • How to Fix: Uninstall the demonstrative and install again. If the error persists, check with your IT team if your user permissions is allowed to install the demonstrative.

4. Services of Firebird were not initiated

Firebird service

  • The Problem: After the demonstrative installation, is necessary to run two Firebird services. When this error occurs the reason is that one of these services is not running properly.
  • How to Fix: Go to Start menu, access the executate, insert the command services.msc and press enter. Find Firebird Guardian - DefaultInstance and Firebird Server - DefaultInstance, Right click with mouse on each of them and initialize.