Voith Siemens

Company’s history:

VOITH SIEMENS HYDRO POWER GENERATION LTDA (VSPA) was created in April of 2000, from the worldwide fusion of the Divisions Hydro of the companies SIEMENS and VOITH, to act in the field of hydrogenation of electric power.

Brazil is the pioneer of the worldwide strategy of the companies of Voith group for the extension of industrial services. And the group, willing to offer a high specialized service, created Services Division in June of 2002 to act in the provision of services of:

  • Operation and Maintenance of Hydroelectric Plants (O&M);
  • Reforms and Modernization of Hydroelectric Plants;
  • Installation of new Hydroelectric Plants;
  • Technical assistance and repairs.

Services Division, already with strong presence in countries as Canada, Egypt, Georgia, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru and Suriname, offers customized services with its high specialized team, it has coordinated efforts with the factory, that supplies equipments for one third of world hydropower and holds total knowledge and experience of the equipments installed.

Challenges faced before Engeman® implantation:

Difficulty in performing maintenances (preventives - programmed - correctives). Difficulty in consulting the history of occurrences and warehouse control.

How did Engeman® solved these challenges?

With the utilization of maintenance plan and warehouse control, it became easier to manage the inspections by checking the need of spare parts, instruments, tools to be used in advance, reducing that way the time to remedy pendency.

With the occurrence history, we were able to see the main problems occurred and how to permanently solve them.

With the warehouse control, we always have spare parts, avoiding the delay to correct pendency.

What was the time necessary to run Engeman®?

4 months.

Economy estimated in time and costs obtained with Engeman® implementation:

We didn’t measure it, but there really was a nice reduction in costs and time spent in the execution of services. Without Engeman we would have the need to hire two more employees.


It’s a software that we recommend for being easy to use and customize. The support attends to the needs, being quick and efficient.

Manoel José de Macedo - Plant Manager
Queiroz Galvão Energética SA