Troy Resources Argentina

Company’s history:

Troy Resources Ltda was founded at 1984 and listed in Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) at 1987. It tarted the operation works in South America at 2002, with the project Sertão Mineração (Blackwoods Mining), extracting gold in Goiás. At 2007, expanded the number of Brazilian unities, installing a head office in the state of Pará.

The company advanced in the south American continent arriving in Argentina, Calingasta, a town with of 4.000 habitants , San Juan province, at 2009 and started the Project Casposo, silver and gold mining, in November of 2010, official opening in 2011. In this endeavor, Troy generated approximately 1000 jobs, besides investing in life quality, benefiting the area with the construction of school, recreation area, sport court and support in health actions.

Certified with ISO 14001, Troy Resources does not stop looking for improvements referring to the excellence of services provided to management. The company is divided in several department, as environment, maintenance, line and lab; counts with a great number of employees and is proud of its solid reputation of employing high qualified professionals; the company also is sociable and very responsible establishing a system of internal communication extremely efficient. The competence in the development of a mine, in the low cost operations and strategic acquisitions, allow Troy to present a respectable portfolios of long live actives.

Challenges faced before Engeman® implantation:

The maintenance team used to face several problems with bombs, pipes, valves, conveyor belts, reducers and other equipment used in the extraction, heart of the company. The difficulties were not having a planning and an efficient control system. Almost the whole maintenance was done in a corrective way, without the possibility to program preventives and predictive. Also important to comment that the expenses with maintenance, purchase of spares and hour payment were not computed, and so there were no real record of how much the company cost monthly/ yearly.

How did Engeman® helped in the solution of this challenges?

Since Engeman® implantation, the software is fed with all the information about Troy’s equipment. With the registers accessible quickly and easy to understand, the maintenance started to be programmed preventive and predictive, quite cheaper and less traumatic for the production that the correctives. In Engeman® it is possible to emit many reports and maintenance graphs. It became routine evaluating projections about stock and warehouse spares; with smaller time to execute everyday tasks and every work order generated inside the company. The better part is the this control can be done at distance once the software is operable by the internet.

Thanks to Engeman®, the services are controlled by the WO, facilitating to recognize who have done them, when they were done and if there is some observation in history. We get agility in attendance. Our goal is to achieve and maintain at 5% the corrective maintenance

What was the time necessary for Engeman® implantation and beginning of operations?

The implantation and adequacy time in Troy Resources was approximately 6 months, we registered results increasingly better every month

Estimated saving in time and costs obtained with Engeman® implantation.

The results are quickly presented with Engeman® software. Since we were able to establish preventive and predictive maintenance as principal we had less problems with machines breakdowns, in emergency situation.

Still at 2011, the year of the implantation, our production increased, 955tn at one day to 1.500tn, with more availability of the equipment.

In 2012, we grown to about 5.000tn at a month, producing over the goal. At 2013, in the first 2 months, we already passed the programmed and computed 15.000tn.

With this new parameters, we are able to amplify the number of equipment, besides installing a new mill. Nowadays we produce about 170tn/day.

The system Engeman® was quite projected and operates very well in mining and industry sector. The whole Troy Resources Argentina is satisfied to work with a tool extremely flexible, complete and easy to use.

Cezar Sires
Maintenance Manager of Troy Resources Argentina Ltda