Toyota Brazil and Engeman®

Significant improvement of the main maintenance indexes and systematization of the process of maintenance management.

Toyota Brazil Case Study, in São Bernardo do Campo/SP, was realized with charge of maintenance Mr. Diego Fortunato. It’s a proud reason for Engecompany to be a success case of one of the most respected automobile factory of the world. Engeman® is also present at Toyota’s new unit in Brazil, Sorocaba/SP factory. Engeman® was the maintenance program chosen for all factories of Toyota in Brazilian territory.

Company’s History:

Toyota is one of the biggest automobile manufacturers of the world, present in more than 160 countries, with audacious goals of increasing its participation on the market. Worldwide know by the quality of the products, Toyota always put the client at first, seeking to provide the best purchase experience. The high technology vehicles developed helps improving life quality, prioritizing the security and respect to the environment. These are the reasons why Toyota is one of the best automakers related to client satisfaction, with excellent reputation related to quality, durability and reliability of its products and after-sales services.

In 1958, Toyota was installed in Brazil, initially as manufacturer of the vehicle Bandeirante. In 1998, a new automaker factory was opened in the city of Indaiatuba, for the production of Corolla, one of the best-selling vehicles in the world.

In 2008, Toyota made 50 years of history in Brazil, counting with more than 3200 employees at its unities of Sao Bernardo do Campo, Indaiatuba, São Paulo and Guaíba. This goal shows the commitment with the country because Toyota assumes to be “expanding horizons” in the horizons of Brazil.

In 2009, the company annunciated the creation of “Toyota Foundation of Brazil” and reinforces the commitment with the country and the preoccupation with the development of a sustainable society.

It is foreseen for the second semester of 2012 the inauguration of the newest factory of Toyota in Brazil in Sorocaba, São Paulo, to be built according to the Ecofactory concept.

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Challenges faced before Engeman® implantation:

  • Difficulty in the management of labor time applied to maintenance services and other routine activities.
  • Difficulty in measuring the activities performed by maintenance type, sectors, areas, employees and equipments.
  • Difficulty in the control of extra hour and absenteeism of maintenance employees.
  • Little control and knowledge downtime of machines by downtime reason, type of maintenance and rotations.
  • All the reports were generated in Excel and there was a big difficulty in collecting information.

How did Engeman® helped solving these challenges?

Through the systematization of maintenance management process with software Engeman it was possible to manage information efficiently, increasing the maintainability of equipments through histories generated with high detailing level and speed in the calculation of these data through several reports and graphs that the system offers. Another factor that contributes for the success of the system implantation in Toyota was the flexibility offered in adapting to the context in which the system has been inserted, allowing its customization in several aspects as reports, new screens and creation of new specific functionalities needed to our maintenance management process.

Nowadays we still use some Excel reports, which we need to create specific formatting. However this process become even more easy because the system keeps all the information in a database, with no need to consult several worksheets and papers to calculate the data necessary for analysis, just by exporting the data to Excel through reports of the system.

What was the time necessary for Engeman® implantation and beginning of operations?

The system was implanted in 2007.
The implantation was made by areas where were initially registered the equipments of determined sectors and then we already started pointing corrective maintenances of these equipment, where we could analyze fully the quantity of corrective maintenance that we performed in these sectors. Parallel to the corrective maintenance notation we performed the registration of maintenance plans, check sheet and programming of plans for the equipments. Thus, when we started the generation of preventive W.O., we already had a good history of corrective performed since the beginning of the implantation till the beginning of this process.

Therefore the time of implantation and beginning of the activities was short because we don’t expect to register all plans and programming to enjoy the resources of the system yet. We started to point the maintenances performed in the equipments of pilot sectors already in the first months.

Then the system was expanding to other areas: New Forging and Utilities.

Economy estimated in time obtained with Engeman® implantation.

The principal time economy was related to the calculation of information enabling to generate several maintenance indexes in a quick, simple and trustable way, besides the significant improvement of these indexes.


Software Engeman® is an essential tool today in maintenance management processes at Toyota Brazil, attending all of our expectations related to resources that system offers and technical support provided, always with great agility, quality and efficiency.

“Engeman® software is an essential tool today in the processes of maintenance management at Toyota of Brazil, answering to all of our expectations with the resources that the system offers and technical support provided always with great agility, quality and efficiency.”

Diego Fortunato - Maintenance Commissioner