Company’s history:

Nilpel started its operations in August 1988 in São Caetano do Sul, as resale of papers with an area of 1.500m². In 2002 a new production unity was created, expanding the activities for the market of packaging printers, attending important companies of the segment. Today, Nilpel is between Brazil’s biggest packaging printers, occupying an area of 51.800m², in the region of Mauá, São Paulo. The group is formed by Nilpel Print, Nilpel Paper and Nilpel Packing Solutions. Counts with a structure of high technology and trained people to attend and get over the needs and yearnings of the clients actives in the most several segments as: personal hygiene, oral hygiene, cleaning, fast food, cosmetic, alimentary, among others.

Challenges faced before Engeman® implantation:

The difficulty to manage the maintenance in general and monitoring of the services performed by this sector were one of the biggest points of mistakes and delays of production. The company also suffered with lack of development of new technologies and equipments and there was no control in the process.

How did Engeman® solved these challenges?

Initially. we had a registration of the maintenance points, managing in a better way our tasks and the control of stock parts. The sectors of Mechanical Maintenance, Building Maintenance, Technology and Development were created, individualizing the management for each one of them. The control of calls and the sectored administration proportionate to Nilpel a huge improvement in relation to the attendance of the users.

What was the time necessary to run Engeman®?

We had the implantation in two stages, whereas after the end of the first one, Engeman® was already available for the users and already could be used for maintenance calls. The second stage was the improvement of the system with the utilization of reports and KPI’s, providing us a better control and vision of the sectors. We realized that the system is a great administration tool.

Economy estimated in time and costs obtained with Engeman® implementation:

Our cost estimative was at least less than 20% for expanses with maintenance materials and control of stocks. For downtimes time we have a gain of approximately 40%.


Since we started having contact with the software, I checked that besides a great data organization, we were able to get and evolution in our maintenance. The customization facility also surprised us, because with a simple F10 we can customize any screen/field and also keep intact the structure of the system when we receive new updates. The implantation was performed successfully due to the great experience of the consultant, who helped in the initial definition of the activities contributing for the full utilization of the resources of the system. We had a great help of Engeman, that gave us total support related to the acquisition and negotiation of the licenses, showing itself a great partner.

Raul Marcos Rosolini
Computer Analyst