Net Link

Company’s history:

NET LINK is a Brazilian company founded in 1995, with head office in the city of Serra/ES, besides head office in Espírito Santo and branches in states as Minas Gerais, Pará, Maranhão and Mato Grosso do Sul, Net Link also has mobile services teams ready to attend the needs of its clients in other regions of the Country.

Net Link offers technological alternatives and last generation products in IT infrastructure and Telecom, always keeping in mind that there are people behind every business. That’s why all the services of Net Link attends to international standards of quality, considering values as: ethics, respect, commitment, fidelity and innovation. Together, they are a constant inspiration to reduce distances, eliminate costs and bringing people together.

Net Link role model reflects the conquer of relationships with companies of great relevance in the Brazilian, even worldwide, market, such as the implantation contracts, outsourcing and maintenance signed with Samarco, Vale and ArcelorMittal.

A company certified with ISO 9001, Net Link invests constantly in its structure searching for a bigger performance, efficiency and quality. It’s prepared to attend all the chain of services that includes clabing, optical fiber, wireless, electric, outsourcing, automation, industrial mounting, networking and closed TV circuit.

That’s how Net Link consolidates the mission of being part of the development of Espírito Santo and Brazil.

Challenges faced before Engeman® implantation:

Before Engeman® implanted in our company, the main tool to evaluate maintenance was a spreadsheet editor and a maintenance software that always generated inconsistencies and a huge difficulty in proving results. It all was very complex and passed by many people until the results be ready.

A lot of mistakes happened and a lot of rework was done. We identified that there were activities made more than once by different people, wasting the precious time of our team. The errors that the system generated were notorious in many reports, besides the numerous unnecessary information.

Also citing the structure of the reports, it wasn’t easy to manipulate the fields to present a cleaner report, with results more attractive avaiable.

How did Engeman® solved these challenges?

With the operation facility, and obtaining reports, Engeman® solved practically all the problems! The easy customization of the systems provided us an well clean and lean software and information environment, promoting agility in the moment of generating internal reports of evaluation and of information to the clients. Only the information necessary to be presented in the reports came into existence with the customization and development of reports.

Our activities started to be performed only once, with no reworks and reevaluation of spreadsheets, since a simple select of the mouse presents us a report in a few seconds with all the information desired.

What was the time necessary to run Engeman®?

The time necessary to run Engeman in our company was very relative. We started the operation of it after three months of preparation, adjusts and customizations, in which the main character of the system that made us acquire it was the facility in customizing it and the reports generated for our company. After four months implanted, we started the implantation of the hole customized system in new unities of the company, that way the system became not only in a maintenance software but a tool that attends the needs of the company and provides results with a huge facility and speed.

Today, after one year of Engeman acquisition, we have the software working in several fronts as Maintenance, Planning, Projects and in the area of attendance of calls and services provided. A system that is breaking barriers and diffusing itself at each day in our company!

Economy estimated in time and costs obtained with Engeman® implantation.

With Engeman® implantation in our company, the results began to show quickly already in the first month. We identified several information that alerted about work teams, idleness, productivity and medium time between attendance by call. With that, the actions were taken to improve the performance and proceeds and increase the billing.

The time of execution of the activities became smaller, since the evaluation of the teams made us prepare specialized groups in situations for immediate and quality attendance. Our evaluation of services also became clearer and more organized as well as for internal knowledge as for the presentation to the client. With reports quickly developed, the time to present a report became extremely quick given the facility of manipulation and construction of the reports with the information of the system.


Engeman® drastically changed the routine of several unities of our company. It all became quickly to work as the result of the information. The facility to customize and work in the system has given us an agility presenting and evaluating the results. The customization facility is the principal key to attend all the needs and for that the support of Engeman® attends all of these needs, solving all the doubts in situations that the administrator can’t develop.

The support team is extremely qualified in the tool and attends all the needs with quite clearly in the explanations. All the support and attendance are maintained with the client independent of the time necessary to perform successfully the call. Without forgetting of citing the negotiation and sales team that has a first-line attendance charming the client and given the necessary attention for the clarifications about the product.

Renato Zarnadro I.T Sector