Company’s history:

Minerita - Minérios Itaúna Ltda was founded by Mr. Cordovil Fonseca, in January of 1972, with an area of five and a half hectares. In that time, the work conditions were very precarious and the exploration was done manually using puncture, sledgehammer, shovels and forks.

When acquiring the first wheel loader, in June 1973, the doors opened for the company. The production, that so ever was enough to fill two trucks of 13 tons by day, today goes around 100.000 tons of lump ore for month, with accumulated stock of 15 Mt de Sinter Feed with own concentration plant and sintering and study of implantation of Steelmaking Industry, attracting pig iron producers investments. Besides the railway terminal in Serra Azul (work performed with MBL) opening ways for the own company and others to drain their production.

Challenges faced before Engeman® implantation:

Before, our maintenance was controlled by electronic spreadsheets. The costs and controls weren’t updated daily. Great part of our control was done manually and demanded a lot of work.

How did Engeman® solved these challenges?

With the implantation of System Engeman® we were able to automate all of our maintenance controls: preventive, predictive and accumulative maintenance plan, tires control, fuel consumption control, components lifetime control, costs, among others. In a very quick, safe and updated way. All of these control is integrated to our ERP system, since the process of melioration, concentration, sintering, fleet maintenance, data processing.

What was the time necessary to run Engeman®?

The system was implanted in approximately 4 months for the fleet control and further sectors were implanted internally by the own company with technical support of Engeman team.

Economy estimated in time and costs obtained with Engeman® implementation:

With System Engeman®, we obtained all the information we needed to manage our maintenance in an automatic, safe and trustable way. That so we were able to reduce costs with tires, components and even classify better our suppliers accounting several financial gains.


Engeman, from the beginning, was considered a partner company, because it always provided an attending between our expectations, respecting our observations and suggestions, making implementations in the own system to improve our processes and attend our needs in the best way possible. We consider Engeman as a company specialized in offering solutions for maintenance control.

Wilson José Marques Computer Supervisor