Fiesta Bahia Hotel

Fiesta Bahia Hotel and Engeman® - a partnership that pleases the guests Improvement of 80% in the satisfaction of the client related to the utilization of equipment available at the apartments.

The Case Study of Fiesta Bahia Hotel, located in Salvador, was done with the hotel Head of the Mainteance, Mr. Guilherme Dias Rocha The data pointed by him show impressive numbers as the increase of the client’s satisfaction of 80%. This index has been reached in order of the reduction of small problems at the apartments, which makes a big difference when someone is suppose to give references about the hotel.

Check below how software Engeman® helped the maintenance sector of Fiesta Bahia Hotel and see how your hotel business can also be benefited:

Company’s history:

Fiesta Bahia Hotel was built in 1994 and in 1998 was incorporated in a Convention Center with 37 halls for simultaneous event. It has more tendency for the business group than the tourist. Nowadays, 90% of the public is composed by guests at business trips. The hotel was prizewinning several times as one of the best business center of Brazil, located in the modern economic and financial heart of the city. Fiesta Bahia Hotel puts the guests in starry accommodations. Offering 236 apartments and eight large and comfortable suites, mostly equipped with LCD Tvs, fridge, free internet, electronic safe and hair dryer. The Fiesta Convention Center has a bold architectural design with high technology in five floors dedicated to the excellence of the events received.

Challenges faced before Engeman® implantation:

The reason to install Engeman® was having a preventive program for the equipment and for the apartments because we didn’t have that before implanting the software.

We didn’t have the WO’s in three ways and we only made Corrective WO’s. There was no program of exchange of bearings, there was nothing. It was only corrective: “Broke-changed/ Broke-Changed”. This was the focus of the company’s maintenance before Engeman® implantation in April 2008.

How did Engeman® helped solving these challenges?

Nowadays the system give us conditions to do that: rotating in Preventive, with registered plans for the maintenance in the apartments.

What was the time necessary for Engeman® implantation and beginning of the operations?

The time of equipment and plans registration was approximately one year. The negotiation happened in 2007 and in 2008 we started to rotate the system. For four years we have Engeman® in the company. Economy estimated in time and costs obtained with Engeman® implantation.

One thing that gives me a nice feedback in here is the response from the guests. We had many little problems like: “I entered the apartment, my safe didn’t work, my bedside panel didn’t work…”.This kind of problem decreased among 80% with the Preventive after Engeman®.


Engeman® is a very useful tool for maintenance control, not only for hotels, but also for any company. Here at the hotel we are not fully enjoying the system in order to lack of labor, but this is a detail of our own and not the system’s. I’m sure that the problems here would also have reduced within 90% if we had Engeman® rotating 100%.

Engeman® is the perfect solution for the maintenance sector of any company. The software is very flexible, it has N possibilities of adaptation and because of that it can be molded for any company.

Every time that I need support I’m very well attended. Engeman maintenance program attends and satisfies us completely, with no problems.