Egesa Engenharia

Company’s history:

EGESA history has more than four decades and can be told in two chapters. The first one began in 1962, when surged and soon emerged as a sized company, capable, created and structure to dispute the market of heavy construction in the field of roads, airports, dams, sanitation works, infrastructure projects for water and wastewater, bridges and viaducts and other related projects.

The second chapter started in 1985, when a group of civil engineers, that so ever were working for the biggest national constructors, performing big works in Brazil and exterior, assumed the equity control and challenged giving a new dynamic to the company.

Today, EGESA is one of the biggest and stronger companies of the sector, many times awarded for its performance and respected specialized publishes. Experienced and qualified technical team, excellent infra-structure and competency necessary to simultaneously execute, in several locals, the most splendid projects.

Challenges faced between Engeman® implantation:

We work with an own system developed in Pick Basic language, and we had the need to migrate for a more updated base, and principally a system that could be integrated to our ERP.

How did Engeman® solved these challenges?

The tool integrated several modules of the ERP. Today we launch an equipment in patrimonial control, charge inputs in the supply module and it’s all integrated in a very transparent way with Engeman®.

What was the time necessary to run Engeman®?

We took 11 months to make the startup of the system. In this period, several reports were customized to attend all the demand of our maintenance and direction sector.

Economy estimated in time and costs, obtained with Engeman® implementation:

We can’t estimate time economy, without quoting some aspects:
Significant improvement in fleet maintenance control.

Integration of processes - everything is made in a unique way in all the sectors: factory, warehouse and heritage.

Costs can be reduced with the observation of the indicators obtained in the system.


The acquisition, the training and the accompaniment in the beginning of the works outweigh a lot all of our expectations. Even that maintenance is not the principal activity of EGESA, there were satisfaction in the implantation and in the operation of Engeman®. The program is being excellent and it’s bringing great results for the company. Congratulation for us!

Levi Antônio M. Gonçalves
System Analyst