Coca Cola Norsa

Company’s history:

Norsa is a beverage industry founded at 1998 from the union of the franchisees Coca-Cola in the states of Ceará, Bahia, Piauí and Rio Grande do Norte. The challenges of being present and attending an area with great cultural diversity make it a strong and competitive company.

With five factories located in the cities of Maracanaú(CE), Simões Filho (BA), Vitória da Conquista(BA), Teresina(PI) and Macaíba (RN), besides ten distribution centers and two sale centers, the company counts with more than five thousands employees and supplies soft drinks, juices, teas, energy drinks, hidrotônico, isotonic and water, besides brewery products Heineken Brazil in the area, for about 150 mil sales points.

In 13 years of existence, reached the absolute leadership in the market of soft drinks and covers over 900 thousands square kilometers of geographic area, corresponding approximately 10% of the Brazilian territory.

Quality, efficiency and valorization of human capital are expressions that directs the work developed by the company and allow reaching even higher growth and development levels.

Challenges faced before engeman® implantation:

Before Engeman® implantation we performed industrial maintenance management in spreadsheets, without the composition of reports and statistical data. In 2007, we realized the need to acquire a software to perform the management of all the maintenance processes.

How did engeman® helped in the sollution of these challenges?

Macaíba had the worst numbers of the Company in maintenance and this problem cleared the necessity of acquiring a specialist software. After a few years using Engeman® and acquiring some maturity in the supply of maintenance control information, Macaíba became our unity with the best results in industrial maintenance.

We used almost 100% of Engeman® resources, it’s a practical and easy understanding software, even for those who haven’t received training. We performed service solicitations, work orders, maintenance plans, reports, materials, warehouse, KPI and graphs and we were able to control effectively all the maintenance sector.

What was the time needed to implant and begin the operations of engeman®?

The implantation took approximately 6 months. We did the necessary assets and settings, besides training and development of the information supply stage, in all levels of the industry that use the software. The service solicitations were the last stage implemented because the requestor needed to trust the system and the maintenance team.

Economy estimated in time and costs obtained with engeman® implantation:


Engeman® has an excellent performance. I believe that it would be great if some modules, as for example, materials, financial, among other, were integrated to it. That so we could use Engeman® in all industry areas, besides having an integrated without depending of interfaces with other software.

In spite of your comment, Mr. Houseman, we have grateful satisfaction to inform you that we are just about to release the modules financial and supplies that follow Engevendas® and can be integrated to Engeman® with efficiency, once we are talking about the same database. Engecompany Marketing Department, 17/05/2013.