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Engeman® at CALDEMA – Continuous Improvement

The maintenance program is used at all the sectors of the company

Engeman® maintenance program is so widely used in CALDEMA that all the maintenance of the company - mechanical, electrical, building and hydraulic - is done by the system. CALDEMA is a industrial equipment manufacturer company, located at Sertãozinho, São Paulo. Manage and control maintenance costs, manage hours worked of employees of the sector, have a maintenance history, among others, are some of the benefits that Engeman® brought to CALDEMA.

To know a little about the utilization of the system in the company we talked with William Carlos Tofani, Planning Technologist, who works at CALDEMA since Engeman® implantation.

Talk a little about CALDEMA.

Caldema is a industrial equipment manufacturer company that has machinery, installations and high technology. Besides projecting and manufacturing watertubes boilers and its components, it also produce: bagasse hydrolyser, pressure vessels, rotary limit switch, electro hydraulic breaks, cane unloader, as well as equipment with outsourced projects.

During the 40 years of existence, the company has been excelled in sugarcane sector and also in the attendance of other markets like: cellulose and paper, mining, chemical, petrochemical and hydroelectric, acting in national and international ambits.

Caldema is composed by the a team of approximately 500 employees, dispose of 120 thousand m² of area, including: office, industrial shed, engineering, quality assurance and support buildings.

Talks about the equipments which maintenance is managed by Engeman®.

We have a large quantity of machine tools as conventional and CNC, cutters, planers, presses, rolling machines, cranes.

Challenges faces before Engeman® implantation.

We didn’t have efficient control of maintenance in machines or expenses with each one of them. There was no planning control of annual revisions that must be done in the machines. We search for Engeman® because we wanted to have an efficient control of the labor used and costs generated. We wanted to know, for example, when was the last maintenance, when would be the next, what has been changed or what hasn’t of some specific equipment, we wanted to have a history of all the services that we had performed. Including so that we could answer to some requirement of ISO 9001 certification.

Before Engeman® implantation the maintenance was done in corrective base?

Only corrective. Broke, fixed. We didn’t have control about how many cost some maintenance, we didn’t have the condition, for example, to evaluate situations like: “Every month we are doing maintenance in this machine, isn’t it time to change the equipment?”. This kind of answer is what we looked for when we implanted Engeman®.

Engeman® implantation represented financial economy for the company?

We couldn’t measure that because we didn’t have total control of maintenance cost. Now, we do. We have now control of what is spent. We requested the development of some customized graphs that shows costs, values of employees hours, etc. Before we wasn’t sure of what was spent in maintenance. Now we even have the conditions to analyze, for example, the cost before and after the preventives.

How Engeman® is used in the company?

Engeman® helps a lot in the control of preventive and corrective maintenance of the company. It also helps in relation to the costs that we didn’t have before. And now we already have the periodicity in which an equipment suffers corrective maintenance, so we can evaluate if it’s time to make an equipment exchange, for example. We use the graphs a lot: maintenance costs, report of hours by employee, worked hours by employees.

Engeman® implantation streamlined the work in maintenance sector?

Yes, because we didn’t have this control of how much employees we would need to flow the maintenance correctly. From the first data collected we were able to evaluate if we are working with the right volume of employees, if we need to hire and everything else. We are using Engeman® to control every type of maintenance that is made in CALDEMA: mechanical, electrical, building, hydraulic and vehicular. When speaking of maintenance, everything is controlled inside Engeman®.

Would you recommend Engeman® for other companies? Why?

Yes, because of the facility that the program offers in the daily handling of operations, with an easy understanding interface, besides obtaining quick answers related to maintenance costs and deadlines. We do recommend, Engeman® is a great system.


When we request some help, Engecompany team is always helpful. I have compliments only.
William Carlos Tofani is Technologist in Planning and works at Caldema for two years.