Be a Reseller

What is and how our program works?

The program gives you an opportunity to resell our software in your country, we provide all necessary training to assure that the reseller will be able to work with our solution. We also provide a sales training about our sales methodology, to teach you how you can effectively sell Engeman®. After the operational and sales training, the reseller will sign the agreement that includes the reselling object, general terms and agreement due date.Then we will send you the document that assures you are an official reseller.

Everybody wins!

Engecompany: success with the Engeman®’s international expansion project and consolidation of a serious company, whose focus is to increase the competitiveness between customers.
Reseller: success in selling and the certainty that you are dealing with a serious company, and with an efficient product, able to deliver exactly what it promises. Possibility of commercial growth, Next to the Engecompany.
Customer: Certainty of the product acquisition, it’s totally adaptable to reality and developed aiming to assist in:

  • Cost reduction;
  • Maintenance processes improvement;
  • Traceability of maintenance steps and processes;
  • Agility and safety of the execution of maintenance;
  • Increasing productivity;
  • Reliability and equipment life span;
  • Quick decision-making.