ROI Return On Investment

Engeman® provides an excellent ROI (Return on Investment). After all, an adoption of maintenance system and company investment in efficiency and maintenance cost reduction. Here’s an example of how the calculation of the Return on Investment worksheet works for a company which performs

  • 300 corrective hours;
  • 200 hours of preventive;
  • 100 hours of predictive.

Considering that the best practices define as goal:

  • 10% of corrective operations;
  • 30% of preventive operations;
  • 60% of predictive operations.

  • In this case, Engeman® can reduce maintenance costs by up to 32%.

The application of these techniques will be only possible using Maintenance System. Contact our team and request a Customized Quote.

Download and learn how to calculate the ROI to obtain the estimated Return on Investment.

Fill the spreadsheet ROI Engeman® to obtain an estimative of Return on Investment.
This method is based on the statistic published at National Manufacturing Week Conference World Class Maintenance 1998 - Chicago - USA. Published in Brazil at the book Manutenção Função Estratégica (Maintenance Strategic Function) - Alan Kardec & Júlio Nascif.
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