ROI Return On Investment

Engeman® provides an excellent ROI (Return on Investment). The adoption of a maintenance software is an investment of the company on the efficiency and maintenance cost optimization. See an example below of how work the ROI calculation of a company that makes:

  • 300 hours of corrective;
  • 200 hours of preventive;
  • 100 hours of predictive.

Considering that the best practices define as goal:

  • 10% of operations for corrective;
  • 30% of operations for preventive;
  • 60% of operations for predictive.

In this case, Engeman® may reduce even 32% of maintenance costs.

The application of these techniques will only be possible with the use of a Maintenance Software. Contact our team and request a Customized Quote.

Fill the spreadsheet ROI Engeman® to obtain an estimative of Return on Investment.
This method is based on the statistic published at National Manufacturing Week Conference World Class Maintenance 1998 - Chicago - USA. Published in Brazil at the book Manutenção Função Estratégica (Maintenance Strategic Function) - Alan Kardec & Júlio Nascif.
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