Planning Trends of Variables

Use Engeman ® to promote predictive maintenance in your company

The Planning of Trend of Variables is one of ways offered by Engeman® to plan and control the maintenance. With this tool it’s possible to make the maximum use of the equipment, performing the maintenance at the ideal time.

The advantage of this tool is to monitor, through Software Engeman®, the development of each variable (pressure, temperature, vibration, dimensions, and others) over the life of the equipment, to predict the date close to the intervention before occurring the fault.

To use the Planning of Trend of Variables, the point of control is registered in the screen of Asset Registration. It’s also necessary to register the set point and the type of regression most closely to the required curve of the variable analyzed, according to the image below:

After the registration of the point of control, a programming of the predictive maintenance plan located in the superior toolbar of Engeman® system is made, according to the image below;

Predictive Maintenance Plan

With a limit defined to generate the predictive W.O., the values collected in the field of analyzed variable are inserted in the system Engeman®. These measures can be done through manual notes or specific equipment.

Control Trend of Variables

When reaching a maximum or minimum established value, Engeman® indicated the necessity of the maintenance through alarms or emission of work orders.
Engeman® verifies the collecting that have been inserted in the interval of the last maintenance until the actual date and traces a tendency graph. Considering the limit established in the predictive maintenance plan Engeman® plots the provided date of the next maintenance.
By Planning of Trend of Variables, Engeman® presents enough pieces of information so the equipment is used safely, suffering the intervention at the moment that it’s really necessary.