Register of Maintenane Plan

Register of Maintenance Plans

Engeman® streamlines and rationalizes maintenance execution and planning

by Rodrigo Rabelo, business analyst Engecompany®.

Registration of Maintenance Plans Screen
Registration of Maintenance Plans Screen

Maintenance plans are necessary procedures, control parameters and resources that specifies the way that the maintenance will be performed in asset points. The maintenance can be performed in a planned way or not. The planned way allow to previously calculate resources, procedures and maintenance costs. The unplanned way specifies actions as mere service solicitations, that normally don’t present the content needed to streamline and rationalize the execution of the services.

Normally, it is applied a programming in the planned maintenance to determine the dates in which they’ll be performed. The maintenance plans are applied to asset points or grouping of these points. A maintenance plan can be applied to several asset points that have the same characteristics.

Some maintenance processes demand the procedures to be used only once, because they have information that must be registered at the moment of the work order closure, as: inspections, data collection of the process, equipment calibration for quality control or check-list.

A processes that conciliates ease of use and maximum registration of information is to form registers of specific procedures/resources linked to the maintenance plan. This register will be presented in a check-list and it must be filled during the execution of the work orders. In the process of typing performed services, the digitizer just has to inform if the service was performed or not, with the typing of some complementary data, referring to the measurements performed.

Engeman® enables maintenance plans to be registered quickly neatly, allowing agility and rationalization of human and material resources.