Funcionality Service Analysis

Functionality - Service Analysis

A simple and extremely practical way to analyze problems, causes and services - Glaubert Leandro - Engecompany® Consultant

The resource Service Analysis of software Engeman® allows users to perform detailed analysis about all the problems occurred, their causes and services performed to solve them. This analysis can be performed with the combination of several filters and at a determined period. In the example, we note that the occurrence “leaking” was the one that most happened at the period analyzed:

In order to refine this analysis it’s possible to go down at one more level at the tree to check what were the main causes of these problems, as well as the services performed for the solution of them and materials used. Check on the image ‘detailed service analysis”.

This resource allows the user to visualize these information by different precedence on data dismemberment, for example, visualize at first the equipment that suffered determined problem and analyze its causes and further relevant information to this problem. This data dismemberment can be remade as many times as needed, in a simple and objective way. Check in the image ‘service analysis dismemberment.

In case the user desires to, the work order with these notes can also be visualized directly by this screen. Below there’s one of the work orders in which there was the occurrence “leaking”. By the end of the analysis, the user can print the tree exactly as exhibited in the screen, export to another formats, or send by e-mail directly from maintenance system.