Know how Engeman® helped Weatherford, from Caxias do Sul, reducing 44% in maintenance costs. The change was so significant that the software implantation ensured the maintenance team to participate as success case in a competition between Weatherford plants of the whole world. This success proves the efficacy of software Engeman® application to the oil sector. Check the interview made by telephone with Maintenance Supervisor of Caxias do Sul unity, Igor da Silva.

Comment a little about the company’s history:

Weatherford is an American multinational oil company. In which we make products, tools for oil extraction. Here in Brazil, Weatherford has at the present two plants in Rio Grande do Sul, one at São Leopoldo and other in Caxias do Sul (from where I’m speaking right now); in Rio de Janeiro there are two plants, one in Duque de Caxias (manufacturing) and other in Macaé (base) that attends Petrobrás directly (they are inclusive focused on the maintenance of our product and they are evaluating the software Engeman®, with interest in implanting it there too) and there’s a plant in Camaçari, at Bahia, that is also focused on the area of services, as well as Macaé.

Challenges faced before Engeman® implantation:

The biggest difficulty is that we did not had any history. At 2008 when I assumed the maintenance, there was no structure, history or something for you to base on and make an adequate decision. There was only something in paper, information that ended up lost and that sometimes were not possible to understand because of the calligraphy or with little technical foundation; there was no standard record and the information were unmet. The “history” was with the maintainers or the oldest people and sometimes information did not coincided, one said something and the other did not remember anymore… Finally, problems that happen when no attention is paid to the maintenance for the management and data control. Then, we start using spreadsheets in Excel, that was where we started to organize ourselves, but the time lost is quite big. Set up the formulas to gather all the information, make a link or assemble a report… it is possible to do it, but the time spent feeding the spreadsheet is big. It is necessary to have more than one person specifically to do this job. After Engeman® it was much better! We took practically two years in the implantation because we focused a lot in the registration, which is a great importance pillar for me, so you can generate a reliable report and make decisions based on precise information. It was a radical change, because the time you gain with it is incredible, a paradigm shift very challenging to everyone involved.

Tell us a little more about the participation of Engeman® in the routine of your company, about the software flexibility and the efficiency of it in the optimization of your work.

We have faster results. In the customized reports, I myself assembled the customization part, separated the reports from materials, backlog and in those, the reports that I needed for the management. I think this is the most fantastic result. Today, when I want to know about a MTBF, MTTR report I have this information quickly, customized and in an easy understanding information standard… That helps me a lot in taking decisions today in maintenance management.

Economy estimated in time and costs, obtained with Engeman® implementation.

Last year, one year after the implantation, we were able to measure that and we had a reduction of 44% related to maintenance costs because it is of a software that allowed information and on top of that, we assembled a strategy with action plan. We are able to see what is happening, the breakdown time and with that, we programmed ourselves to put in the maintenance warehouse strategic pieces to ensure the biggest productive availability. We are able to visualize that only with those MTBR, MTTF and breakdown reports So we are able to work it with numbers, we set up a strategy and reduced in 44% total maintenance cost. It represented a lot for us. We were able to make new investments for the sector. It was very representative. Inclusive were cited as a success case. Watherford has a competition in terms of of quality, between the plans of the entire world, and in that year we participated with the maintenance case demonstrating the tool Engeman®, and other strategies that we used, in the end, we have been chosen in the plant as a success case. We talked a lot about Engeman®, it was very nice to us. Usually the maintenance seen as an expense and it was exactly the contrary here. So, with Engeman® we managed to work with a very good marketing, because it really is a tool that brought us positive results. Last year it was featured in the plant. We get to be seen in a reverse way to the way that usually people see maintenance. So that was it, “Maintenance giving feedback?”, it was just like this! And Engeman® is part of this success history, totally justifying our investment in the software.


I really like the software Engeman. I think that the flexibility point is one of the differentials related to other available software in the market. This flexibility allows you to shape the software to what you need. We had a few things that were not aligned well and we could make the necessary adjustments. It is an easy to work, to register and to understand tool, the standard reports are very interesting, you can see that there is a know-how of the team who works in Engecompany in the development of the software. The attendance question is also and differential, every time we needed, we were attended well. We have in the team a Planner, Mr. Teilor, who today is the one who makes the PCM, he’s our “Engeman® boy”. He is the one who uses the tool daily, making registers, filling the W.O.s, he takes care of the system and makes contacts with the support daily. He recently told me of an improvement that we suggested for you and that now you have already put in the new version as standard to everyone. It’s very nice, we have been following that in this last two years things that we suggested are already as standard for everyone that use the software. This is nice because we participated of this development.

Igor da Silva
Maintenance Supervisor