Schahin Petróleo

Company’s history:

Present in the market from four decades, Schain has been consolidating its performance in the main developments sectors of Brazil: Engineering, Real Estate Development, Telecommunications, Oil and Gas, Energy and Finances (Bank, Brokerage and Financial).

The continuous growth and diversification of the activities of the Group are consequences of the constant incorporation of technology advances, investment in human resources and attention to new business opportunities.

The work philosophy and entrepreneurial spirit, allied to the vocation to engineering, allows the execution of innovative projects winner in several areas and the achievement of international quality certifications

This dynamic trajectory transformed into reference of business management and defined the bases of a company that builds the future each day.

Challenges faced before Engeman® implantation:

The biggest challenge of any implantation is precisely the awareness of the people involved in the process. In the beginning, there was a strong comparison of Engeman® with the old system. However the old system was complicated, they all knew how to operate it, which make it more “practical” and “convenient”.

How did Engeman® solved these challenges?

With the customization facilities, we requested all users to help us in the system customization, so they would feel useful in Engeman® implantation process. In the course of time, the features of the system conquer each day more the users.

What was the time needed to run Engeman®?

As we did the implantation by sector, after two months the system was operating the machine sector. For integral utilization of the sectors in the ship we spent ten months.

Economy estimated in time and costs obtained with Engeman® implementation:

Now that we started to analyze the system in a managerial way, because so ever the preoccupation was all operational, we are emitting some managerial reports as Backlog and Maintenance Percentage by Types. We still are keeping an auditing routine to find out the results emitted by Engeman®. These reports will soon be used as a base for strategy and decisions changes.


We opted to use Engeman® due to its customization facility, which had great importance for the success of the implantation. Today, at Schain Petróleo, we have an well structured maintenance system that helps us keeping one of the lowest Unavailability levels in Petrobrás Ranking.

Glauton Nicomedes Mariano - Technical Assistant
Base Schahin Engenharia S/A - Oil Division