What is Engeman®

Engeman® is a tool for planning and control of Maintenance and Service. The name Engeman® is based on its main feature: Maintenance Engineering. Engeman® is the best known maintenance management software of Brazil and also the most flexible. The maintenance program adapts to companies of several fields of actuation, as well as different sizes. Besides, its flexibility allows the adaptation to the way of work of the companies.

See how Engeman® can be used according to the field of activity of your company. Check specific information and download free demo:

With Engeman® it is possible to organize and control functions of maintenance plan, as:

  • Register any kind o data related to the maintenance;
  • Plan services that will be performed by the maintenance and follow performed services;
  • Program the execution of services through automatic controls;
  • Level human, material and financial resources;
  • Automatically emit alarms and documents related to the services;
  • Create histories of events and elaborate schedules and graphs;
  • Analyze production losses, calculate costs and analyze occurrences;
  • Control consumption of materials at stock and performers of services.

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