Visual Movement

  • Visual Movement

    Visual Movement: software Engeman® full version.

    Software Engeman® counts with the functionality "History of Movement of Assets". In full version, the maintenance team can go beyond the history, by simulating, visually, the movement of all and any asset.

    Visual Movement
    Visual Movement

    For this procedure, there are visual default models already inserted in the software. The user just has to access one model and promote the necessary movements. Think about a maintenance operation that involves fleet, for example. The items are varied, from tires to draglines, and when you can visualize the work that is being performed, the tendency is to have more proximity with the equipment. Observe the screen below. The left and right rear tires are not in the truck. The red meshed points this information clearly.

    With the visual movement, all components and subcomponents can be grouped, mounted in the screen of visual model connected to respective assets in order to facilitate and streamline the maintenance process that demands constant manipulation and movement of equipments and components.

    Setting an application:

    To set an application in a model region you just have to double click the empty region or right click and select the option referent to the setting. A research screen will exhibit only the possible applications for this region, considering the type and the specification of the application. After selecting the application, a screen will be exhibited to be informed the data referring to the setting.

    Note that with a simple drag and drop of the mouse it's possible to navigate by Detailing levels, moving, changing, removing, sending equipments to manufactories, stock and external maintenances or even discard or sell the equipment. The system will generate a movement history automatically, besides suggesting WO generation.

    Still with the facility of dealing with the mouse, it's possible to performed accumulative and trend collections, visualize complete WO and movement history, equipment dismantling, among other options.