Mobility in Services

  • Guarantee the mobility of maintenance services

    Engeman® Mobile is a powerful field ally

    Ramon Moura - Business Analyst Engecompany

    Mobility is the keyword for service execution. Why waiting until arrive at the office to write off a Work Order (W.O.) when it can be immediately done after executing it? The clients of Engeman® maintenance software have of a powerful ally to the mobility of their actions. Engeman® Mobile was develop in order to facilitate and optimize the operational part of maintenance, the control of Work Order (cancellation and closing) and collections executed in the field (accumulative, trend, eventual, travels).

    All the actions below can be execute using Engeman® Mobile:

    • Importation of opened W.O.'s in Engeman® CS to Engeman® Mobile;
    • Typing of performed services;
    • Digitalization of Signatures in the W.O.;
    • Data collection for maintenance planning and control;
    • W.O. closing;
    • W.O. cancellation;
    • Exportation of performed services;
    • Consistence of collected data.