Mobile Module Details

  • Engeman® Mobile

    Engeman® Mobile Module has Mobile Solutions to facilitate and optimize Maintenance operations. This module uses tools as Smartphone and Tablet and works at operations systems Android 4.0 or superior and iOS 9.0 or superior.

    Engeman Mobile is focused on:

    • Exportation of opened W.O for the collectors;
    • Typing of performed services;
    • Data collection for maintenance planning and control;
    • WO closing;
    • WO cancelation;
    • Importation of services performed;
    • Consistency of data collected.


    Mobile module works with Engeman® operational part, it means, the WO (cancelation, closing) and collections.

    This module allows importing W.O.'s to be executed for this collector, and by the end of the day, or at any time needed, the user can export the services performed (collections/ W.O.'s) and/or verify is there is some more W.O. opened to be executed.

    For this importation/ exportation record service, the Mobile can use an wireless network to access until the Database server or it can be plugged in a computer with access to network via USB, the responsible for the communication between the Database and Mobile will be WebService. At the end of the exportation, the W.O.'s and collections will automatically update Engeman Database, avoiding rework for data insertion referring to W.O. (closing) and collections.